Forage stands for everything I care about. It represents what I was taught about food preparation both when I was growing up and over the course of my career in the kitchen. To me forage means that we no longer seek out excess and indulgence, but instead revisit a time when we respected the land and oceans and took only what we needed to survive. It is about being stewards of our land and true conservationists, as we conduct our business and live our lives. It is about goodness, about taking care of each other, and bringing together our community over good food. —Chris Whittaker, Head Chef - Forage
Why does the city need another sustainable restaurant?
Does Vancouver need another “farm to table”, “nose to tail”, “locavore” restaurant? Simply put – “yes”. This is not a trend that is going away. Sustainability is what unites most of Vancouver’s finest chefs and what the city’s most frequent diners are looking for – a sense of place and a connection to the menu items they are choosing from. Diners want to know where their salmon was caught and by whom; they want to know that the hazelnuts they’re eating are from Agassiz and the apples from Summerland.
What we care about.

Our philosophy is a way of life as much as a way of doing business. Saving energy, conserving water, composting and local/responsible purchasing policies all make a positive contribution to our world and our company’s bottom line.

We need to be aware that every decision we make will be judged when we market ourselves as sustainable - both by media and our customers (beware “green-washing”!). Waste streams must continue to be diverted, energy saving must continue to be monitored and realized, and we must make full use of every animal, fruit and vegetable that comes through the kitchen door. Every decision will be subject to two equally important benchmarks – is it sustainable and is it profitable?
The Food.
Forage is a neighbourhood gathering spot – a local’s “local”. The food will be unpretentious and the antithesis of “fine dining”. It will however be innovative cuisine prepared with solid cooking fundamentals with advanced techniques. Products will be sourced from local and organic farmers, fishermen and producers whenever possible. With each product we use, there is a story to be told.

About Us

The Listel Hotel (where forage is located) is a leader in sustainability and green tourism practices. As a Tourism Ambassador for Conservation and a Corporate Climate Leader for the City of Vancouver, The Listel Hotel - with its zero waste policy, its solar panels and state of the art heat capture program – is a passionate proponent of sustainability.

About Chef Whittaker

Chris Whittaker grows his own vegetables, catches his own fish (or tries to at least!), makes his own preserves, composts all of his food waste, keeps mason bees to pollinate his plants, hunts for the purpose of conserving our land and feeding his family, and forages to connect himself with nature and remind himself where our food often comes from. He grew up in the barren beauty of northwestern Ontario, but moved west in his 20’s to pursue a career as a professional chef.

Forage is the restaurant he dreamed of working for when he packed his suitcase and headed west in 1999.

We are open...

For breakfast:

Mon-Fri 6:30-10am

Sat/Sun 7-10am

For brunch:

Sat/Sun 10-2pm

For dinner:

Daily 5pm-close

Chef Chris Whittaker
Ocean Wise


Forage finds it all, from eggs to pastry and the in-between bits. Sourced locally, the best way to start the day!


Lively and lovely, brunch at Forage offers bubble by the glass, brioche French Toast to Eggs and Sausage or fruit for lighter fare. Not to be missed.


From light snacks, mains and dessert, Forage dinner is all about local. Share with friends and family or grab a seat at the bar and enjoy the best of Vancouver, inside and out.


Tap into the bar at Forage. 10 beers, 8 wines on tap, a beverage program that features house made cocktails with local fruit and a wine list with the best of BC, from sparkling to ice wine, there is something for all tastes and palates.


Picture Gallery

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Pacific Northwest Greenery
Nathan Gelderman
Hannah Brook Farm
Hannah Brook Farm
Hannah Brook Farm
Vancouver Farmers Market
Listel Hotel
Vancouver Farmers Market
Listel Hotel
Vancouver Farmers Market
Listel Hotel


“I’ve seen the West Coast-themed menu that he [Chris Whittaker] has put together for Forage, and it all reads like a great representation of BC’s backyard… Clearly, the fellow has his imagination going full tilt. Is the seafood ready for the Oceanwise stamp of approval? Check. Are there Glorious Organics greens? Yup. Is there a zero-waste program in place? Totally. Will condiments and such be made in house? Naturally… I could see the future, and to be perfectly honest, it looked delicious.”
  • On the Plate: The Next Course in Vancouver — Forage, by Andrew Morrison - WE
“With its comprehensive, sustainable approach that incorporates Green Table, LEED-certified kitchen equipment, BC Hydro Power Smart partnership, and Live Smart BC certification, Forage was already poised to be a game-changer.
  • The Hired Belly, Tim Pawsey
“Now Vancouver has its very own permanent restaurant with foraging at the heart of its culinary experience.”
  • Forage Restaurant Signals Permanence of Canadians’ Interest in Foraging and Sustainable Dining - Guestaurant
“…restaurants such as Vancouver’s Forage are providing a model of ecofriendly excellence and its advantages. B.C. Hydro partnered with the Listel Hotel in Vancouver to create Canada’s newest and most energy-efficient restaurant.”
  • Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine
“Forage Restaurant at the Listel Hotel on Robson Street offers affordable delicious meals that will not disappoint even the fussiest of diners!”
  • A Feast for Foragers – by Daniel Siracusa - Vancouver Weekly
If we are very, very good in this life, heaven is a place where Chris Whittaker makes gnocchi for us…Our province’s best products are in good hands with Chef Whittaker, who has the passion and know-how to turn them into memorable, unpretentious food that will prompt us to return. Soon. And often.”
  • The Forage Philosophy - Edible Vancouver
“…downtown’s new Forage restaurant, which opened in December 2012, is also dedicated to the 100-mile method. Here, lip-smacking ingredients often include Gelderman Farms pork from Abbotsford in Fraser Valley, wild watercress from Hannah Brook Farm near suburban Maple Ridge and free-range eggs (go for breakfast and have the mushroom and goat cheese omelette) from Rabbit River Farm, just south of Vancouver in the city of Richmond.”
  • Vancouver's 100 Mile Food Trail – by John Lee - BBC Travel
“Two Rivers Turkey Sausage Hash by Forage - the meat found on new The Listel Hotel restaurant’s menu is just the tip of the ethical iceberg. They’ve got Ocean Wise Seafood, local, organic coffee (Pedro’s) and gluten free bread. Is this one of Vancouver’s best new brunch spots? It hit the marks for me.”
  • To Die For - Erin Ireland - Vancouver is Awesome


Forage loves working to create community. Whether it’s a West End cause or part of the burgeoning movement committed to farm to table fare, Forage is there!
Chowder Chowdown 2014
Chowder Chowdown 2014

Forage is the undisputed Chowder Champ - again!

On the one-year anniversary of opening Forage Restaurant, Whittaker was once again crowned the Critics Choice champ at the 6th Annual Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown. His Wild BC Spot Prawn Chowder took first place, against other competitors including executive chefs from Vancouver’s Fairmont and Four Seasons Hotels, Edible Canada, Coast and C Restaurant.

Forage Meat Draw
Forage Meat Draw! Not your legion's meat draw.
Chow down at Forage on Sunday to Wednesday nights and enter to win some meat*.
Chef Chris Whittaker will dress and butcher it. You’ll even get foolproof cooking and handling instructions and ideas on what to serve it with, along with some information on the farm or ranch it came from. Of course it will be sustainably sourced. Entries start at 5:00 pm, draw at 8:30 pm. We’ll tweet you if you win!
* Enough protein for a dinner for 4-6 people.

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Forage is located in the beautiful Listel Hotel at the corner of Robson and Jervis in Vancouver, BC.

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